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Injections are overseen by a medical doctor per Colorado Rule 800.

Vitamin Injections

The Shot Bar is a unique business offering more than twenty different vitamins, minerals, amino acids and homeopathic injectables. We offer a range of options from simple B12 to a menu of crafted cocktail injections.


Who can receive injections?

Just about everyone can receive vitamin injections unless there is a known allergy to an ingredient (rare). Please ask if you have known allergies or sensitivity and feel concern.

Children, adults and the elderly, can receive injections. Those who are currently ill may receive injections. Those that are healthy may receive injections as means to health maintenance and illness prevention. 

What to Expect

At or before your first appointment you will fill out a consent form and a brief health history form. This paperwork is discussed with the doctor before your injection. You can choose an injection from our menu, concoct your own or the doctor can help choose the best nutrients for you. 

We give intramuscular injections either in the deltoid muscle (upper arm for smaller injections) or gluteal muscles (hip, for larger injections). The doctor will walk you through the injection process which is simple, quick and gentle. Our Shot Bar offices offer a calm and relaxed environment in case you feel uneasy around needles.

Where for Injections

Easy. We have two locations - Broomfield and Boulder. We offer brief appointments at both locations. Boulder also offers walk-in hours (no appointment needed) Friday's 10-2pm.

The Shot Bar is also mobile. We can come to you for corporate events, private parties, bachelor,  bachelorette, wedding parties, greenroom needs at for music events and other hospitality environments. Custom packages available. 


Why Injections

We don't absorb nutrients well. It's estimated that 20% of less of the nutrients we eat are absorbed leaving us nutrient deprived and feeling less that optimal. Intramuscular injections bypass digestion thereby going to work for you immediately and effectively so you can start feeling better now. 


When for Injections

Injections are indicated for maintaining good health, preventing illness and helping when ill. Most of what we inject is water-soluble meaning your body will use or release what it does not use because water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored in the body. Depending on your metabolism you may feel the outright effects of your injections for ten days to two weeks. Everyone has different needs. 

Current Injectables

B complex




vitamin C

vitamin D



trace minerals









Traumeel (anti-inflammatory)

Zeel (arthritis)

Engystol (antiviral)

Spascupreel (muscle spasm)

Hepar (detox)

Calmvalera (mood)

Gelsemium (nerves)

various homeopathics 

Hours, Locations & Contact




Tuesdays by brief appointment. 

Fridays 1o-2pm walk-in, no appointment needed 

consults & coaching by appointment only

2701 S. Iris Avenue 

Boulder, CO 80304

Suite 4 

Take the stairs on the very, very far left of Hair Elite.

Enter red door  marked 2701 S. 

Suite 4 is straight ahead at the end of the short hall. 

Same day appointments very welcomed, start feeling better today.


By brief appointment only. 

80 Garden Center

Broomfield, CO 80020

Suite 44 (Building B, downstairs - helpful info for finding suite 44)

Same day appointments very welcomed, start feeling better today. 

 The Natural Cold & Flu Shot

Beat the bugs this cold and flu season by boosting your immune system. Engystol, our natural flu shot increases immune cells to fight for you regardless of it being a cold or flu virus. Engystol shortens the duration and severity of symptoms in both colds and flu.

Boost in advance to beat the bugs. Already sick? It's not too late, the sooner Engystol gets to work, the sooner you feel better. 

Try Engystol by itself or combine with vitamins and minerals for added immune boost, energy, stress relief, mood support and more. 

Kate Tackett, ND

The Shot Bar & Pill Shop

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