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What is The Shot Bar?

The Shot Bar offers a variety of vitamin injections that provide a quick nutrient boost. Injectable medicine is another specialty I offer. Injections provide benefit over oral supplementation because they bypass digestion (slow) and boost your cells and blood so you feel better quickly. 

What do you treat besides fatigue?

Sluggish metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, depression/anxiety, thyroid dysfunction, digestion, autoimmune conditions, toxic burden, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia 

What do I need to do to change my health?

Commit to change, willingness for dietary change, willingness for physical movement, willingness to learn the foundations for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, willingness to implement what is learned on a daily basis

Do I need a consult for a vitamin injection?

No, you do not need a consult to receive a vitamin injection. Vitamin injections are a great way to ease yourself into high level commitment 

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